Welcome to the World of Mariners,

Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.

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Pirate Humor

Where did the beachcomber meet his bride? At the end of the isle

When I was a boy, The  Dead Sea was only sick.

                                                                  – George Burns
Pirate Humor

Why should you never tell jokes on the back of a ship?

Because that’s the stern part of the ship.

 Pirate Humor

What did Captain Kidd say to the young wench at the bar?

I have my Aye on you.

Pirate Humor

Why were the pirates thrown out of the baseball park?

They kept trying to steal the bases.

Pirate Humor

What happens to sailors when they die?
They become members of the Ghost Guard.

Pirate Humor

What happened when Blackbeard’s beard caught on fire?

He became incensed.