Welcome to the World of Mariners,

Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.

Quotes about Mariners, Pirates, and the Sea

Any map of the world without Utopia on it isn’t even worth glancing at. – Oscar Wilde

This day is a treasure from the Great Mariner himself. – W. R. Hegerich

Courage leads starward, fear towards death. – Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they were after. – Henry David Thoreau

Don’t talk to me of the evil of pirates. Men’s dreams have been pillaged and plundered by tyrants who never once set sail on the Seven Seas. – W. R. Hegerich

Raise the sail and God will send you the wind. – W. R. Hegerich

The bold adventurer succeeds the best. – Ovid

How I wish there were an island for those who are wise and of good will.                                                                                                                              – Albert Einstein

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. – Edward Gibbon

In every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is the story of the earth. – Rachel Carson