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Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.

Eight Reasons to Adopt a Pirate Spirit

  1. Life is more fun when you have an adventurous spirit. If it’s one thing pirates have it’s that. Countless studies show when you allow enough room in your life to break from your routine, you live longer. Okay, I made that up, but I bet pirates live a lot longer than their counterparts. Unless, of course, they’re hanging around the dock all day.
  1. Life is a lot less stressful when you yell, “Aaarrrgh,” instead of yelling at your kids, or your wife, or your boss, or your computer, or your ….. Well, you get the idea.
  1. Life is exciting when you wake up with a dream in your heart. It doesn’t matter whether you’re burying treasure or digging it up. Excavate your dreams and put them on a bucket list. Life takes on new meaning when you wake up with a purpose.
  1. Being a pirate gives you room to be silly. How cool is it to do what little kids do all the time. Dress up and play make believe. Swing those plastic cutlasses. Put that pirate hat on. If you don’t do it, someone else will. And why should they have the fun that could have been yours?
  1. Being a pirate gives you permission to be different, think differently, act differently, and dream differently. You get to try new roles, go to different places, and make new friends, And if you think we’re talking facebook friends, you need to get a life. A pirate‘s life!
  1. When you dress up like a pirate, you make a lot of people smile. Too many people have misplaced their smile. So think of this whole pirate thing as a public service.

  1. Being a pirate helps you nourish the inner child so often denied as you grow older. When Jimmy Buffett encouraged us to grow older… not up, he knew what he was doing. Trading your dreams for Fixodent and Preparation H may be all right for old farts, but that doesn’t have to be your future. Jack Nicholson’s Bucket List reminds us to go down swinging. No matter how old you get, there’s always an inner child in you begging for one more adventure. Indulge that child and it could be the best anti-aging medicine you’ll ever take.
  1. Do you know why so many adults and children are fascinated with pirates? Raise your hand if you think it’s the drinkin’, wenchin’, and pillagin’. Remember all the pirates of the silver screen from Douglass Fairbanks to Johnny Depp? They smiled a lot, and grinned even more, always ready for just plain old fun. It’s a fact, people who smile and laugh a lot are able to overcome the nasty things in life far, far easier than those who don’t. When Norman Cousins found he had cancer, he got a shipload of comedy films and watched them constantly.

Last year I ran into a crew of pirates and their wenches on a street corner in Key West. We had a great time right aarrgghhing and swinging our cutlasses, and acting like fools. Except it was serious Tom foolery. We connected with each other, but more importantly we connected with something deep within ourselves. Something we lose each time we forget to live our pirate spirit. Every time we pull the patch over our eye, pull out the cutlass, and swap those pirate jokes, we touch it. And our pirate souls melt down to that place where we are forever young.

Did you know a recent study by five top medical universities prove that… Oh, never mind! I don’t need statistics to prove how good it is to be a pirate. Chart your course, climb the mast and yell “Aaarrrrgh!” from the top of your voice. You’re in for a load of fun. As for the snickers coming from the galley, remember what Jimmy Buffett reminded us of in his song Oysters and Pearls. “Some of us watch… others do the show.” What about you? Are you a watcher just along for the ride? Or are you ready to jump into the thick of life and attack your dreams? What bold, pirate adventure are you going to take tomorrow? Your very life depends on it.

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  • Adventurous spirits, “yell Aaarrgh” Dream more, act silly like kids, think differently, smile more, nourish the inner child, Norman Cousins I haven’t thought of him in a long time and so much more. Thanks Bill I need to be reminded everyday to pay attention to the Pirate in myself so I’ll laugh and play daily. It is so important for not only my health but every ones.

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