Welcome to the World of Mariners,

Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.

Twelve Ways to Honor Your Pirate Heart



Warning!!! Child in Adult's Body. Expect the Unexpected!!!

Warning!!! Child in Adult’s Body. Expect the Unexpected!!!

           Deep down inside all of us, there’s a pirate lurking. Not the evil pirate bent on wreaking havoc and destruction, but a pirate thirsting for freedom and wild adventure. That pirate called to Mark Twain, and the very same pirate calls to you. Isn’t it time you discovered that pirate and set him or her free? Here are a few suggestions on how you can do that.

  1. Say no just once to someone who makes an unreasonable request of your time. In fact, you should never do for others what they’re more than capable of doing for themselves. You can tell them, “I can’t help you now, but I can suggest someone who can.” This frees you up to do something that makes your pirate heart sing.

  1. Disconnect yourself from the whiners. All they do is tell you how bad they have it, how bad life is treating them, how miserable they are. People like this sabotage your day. People like this sabotage your Pirate Heart. People like this ultimately sabotage your life. If you have the urge to dive off your ship and into a sea of sharks when you see someone coming, then they’re the one you want to steer your pirate ship clear of.

  1. Do something silly today. Wear a clown’s nose to the grocery store. Take the time to ask the cashier a pirate joke: “Whose overworked and underpaid? You Arrrr!”

  1. Watch a couple of reruns of your favorite TV shows.

  1. Dream. Look up cruises on the internet or a vacation hideaway you always wanted to visit. You don’t actually have to plan on going. But when you start reading about a Caribbean destination, maybe you’ll start feeling the warm sands between your toes and begin to assume the persona of a beachcomber or pirate.

  1. Wear your favorite bathing suit under your clothes all day long. It might be six degrees outside your front door, but it’ll remind your pirate spirit that the back of winter is almost broken and sunny days are ahead.

  1. Watch a pirate movie on TV. From Errol Flynn to Johnny Depp, there’s plenty to choose from. Or maybe your taste runs to a different kind of adventure. How about a tale of courage and daring on the high seas? There are a lot of movies about mariners, mutinies, and shipwrecks to satisfy the lustiest of pirates. Master and Commander, Longitude, and All is Lost are just a few.

  1. Set aside time to listen to music that soothes your pirate soul. The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Reggae music, steel drums, or some island music will have you feeling the sea rolling under your feet in no time.

  1. Make a list of ten places you’d like to visit or revisit sometime in your life. Now pick one and start jotting down ideas on how you’re going to make that dream come true. Don’t forget to include some of the wild pirate things you’d like to do when you get there. Vivid visualization is a potent energizer that can thrust you into the heart of your dreams faster than you can say “Aarrrrgh!”

  1. Buy yourself something today you have denied yourself because you thought it was too silly, frivolous, or immature. You’re trying to entice the child in you to come out and play, and what better way to do that! To hell with what anyone else thinks of your purchase. Just be sure you won’t be spending your whole life trying to pay for it because that will be just one more prison you‘ll need to break out of.

  1. Prepare a special seafood feast fer yerself, mate. Shrimp, clams, crabs, calamari; mussels, mahi mahi; grouper, salmon, steamers, swordfish. It’s your palate! Cater to it. And as you’re savoring each bite, remember the fishermen who sacrificed life and limb to bring it to your table. Make it extravagant; make it simple. The purpose is to reconnect with Mother Ocean whose spirit lives in every ocean, sea, lake, river, bay, and estuary on this Blue Planet.

  1. Read one of the blogs you might have missed from the Uncommon Mariner. It’s hard to believe ye missed any at all, mate, but ship happens! Now’s yer chance to catch up. And don’t be hoarding them to yerself either. Let others know what untold treasures await when they visit the Uncommon Mariner.

As you know, this site is dedicated to pirates, mariners, and the unfathomable wonders of the sea. I encourage you to throw off the chains of routine, boredom, and ennui and for one day indulge that pirate within. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it so much, you’ll become a fulltime pirate. See you out there on the high seas of life! Aaarrrrgh!

                                     Bill Hegerich Sr.

                                    The Uncommon Mariner

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Welcome to the World of Mariners,
Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.