Welcome to the World of Mariners,

Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.

Uncommon Mariners Not Just For Pirates



“Welcome to the World of Pirates, Mariners, and the Eternal Sea.” Like billowing sails on a three-masted schooner, these words greet every visitor to my site. I put them front and center because I want everyone who comes to my page to know exactly what they can expect.

Like my upcoming book, Uncommon Mariners, you’ll find lots of information on pirates, ancient and modern, though my site isn’t just about pirates. It belongs just as much to mariners- those lusty, able-bodied men and women who for years have worked and played and sailed on high seas and in harbors all around the world.

Moreover, my site is also about the sea and the creatures that live there. The drama that plays out in the oceans every day as thousands of species struggle for survival is both riveting and shocking.

As I mention elsewhere on my webpage, I don’t propose to be the final word on any of these topics. Other sites do a fine job keeping you abreast of pirates and threats to mariners and the sea.

When you come to Uncommon Mariners, bring a pirate’s heart, playful and rebellious, but bring an inquisitive and probing mind too.  Do this and I promise you an entertaining, inspiring, and informative voyage.

I want to put a smile on your face with curious facts and amazing stories about mariners and the sea, but I also want to incense and anger you by making you aware of events and trends that are impacting mariners, the ocean, and its creatures in terrible ways.

Because the news isn’t all bad, I want to tell you about key players making a positive difference in mariners lives, the ocean environment, and the fight against piracy. And I want to provide you with links so you can learn more about these issues and act in ways big and small to make a difference.

I’d like to acknowledge those who helped make this website possible. This is the work of more than just one person. I acknowledge Ann Collette, my agent, who encouraged me to make this website a reality.

My wife, Maureen, whom I often refer to as my beautiful mermaid. I am indebted to her for her inspiration, feedback, and wonderful suggestions.

Bruce from http://myrtlebeach911.com/ who did an incredible job on my website. He took my vision and transformed it into a first class site that would hook any pirate. I’m also indebted to Bruce for his hours of training.

Trilby Plants, president of the SCWW and a fine writer in her own right, is completing a trailer for my book which will appear on the site shortly. Like Bruce, Tibby has taken my concepts and suggestions and created a work of art that would make the heart of any pirate   beat faster.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my wordpress site over the past seven months. You have been loyal to me from the beginning, and I’m truly blessed to have followers who care enough not only to visit again and again but recommend me to friends.

Whether you’re a veteran or a new visitor, come back often both to read my blog and discover what’s new in the world of pirates, mariners, and the eternal sea. At Uncommon Mariners, you really can chase pirates and mariners across the Seven Seas. And what better way to live your dreams!!!

   See you out there on the high seas of life.   Aarrrrrrghhh!



“Uncommon Mariners”

Bill Hegerich


Welcome to the World of Mariners,
Pirates, and the Eternal Sea.